Brian Foster

Hera needs a hero.

Brian Foster
Hera needs a hero.

This past week a puppy was taken into custody by Valiant Animal Rescue and Relief.

This puppy was seen being attacked by a feral dog that runs with a feral pack. It isn't clear how the puppy came to be near this pack of dogs. Some kids were seen in the vicinity when it happened and were witnessed discarding the Puppy in the woods. Witnesses believed the puppy died but sadly, the puppy laid in the woods for several days before crawling out the other night and was spotted in the early morning on a nearby back porch trying to eat cat food.

This pups front leg was almost ripped off. She has been to a vet to get an initial evaluation. She is on pain meds and antibiotics. X-rays were done but the infection and swelling is so great that it inhibits the view on the x-ray. Once the infection and swelling goes down, we will need to repeat x-ray. Depending on what is found, it looks like she will either need corrective surgery or a full front Left leg amputation.

Valiant Animal Rescue is NOT disclosing the location of where this took place and is seeking aid from local law enforcement to figure out if there was any malicious activity involved with this puppy. The puppy is in their care at this time.

The puppy has been named Hera after the Greek Goddess. Valiant offers a special thank you to the good Samaritans involved in helping get this pup to safety and for contacting us.

We got an update on Hera’s condition this morning and she is in good spirits but can only take 5 or 6 steps/hops when she goes out to potty. She is hurting and not using front leg at all. At the moment, she seems most comfortable when she's laying down sleeping.


Please consider making a donation to aid in Hera's medical care. Thank you ♡


Or mail a check to
Valiant Animal Rescue & Relief (VARR)
PO Box 13477
Charleston SC 29422

Donations can also be made directly through their FACEBOOK PAGE