Brian Foster

Justice for Brick

Brian Foster
Justice for Brick


Written by Michelle Reid, Valiant Animal Rescue+Relief


Brick, the beloved pit bull whose case has received national media attention because his owner cut off his ears and shared it on social media. Valiant helped locate the offender and processed the physical evidence that was removed from the crime scene and conducted the forensic analysis. Brick was kept by Valiant in protective custody during this case. We also supplied emergency medical attention for Brick and long term care as he recuperated.
Brick’s offender, Bruce Tyler of Williamsburg County, SC , recently plead guilty to animal cruelty charges. Although the offender originally claimed that he was innocent, our forensic testing uncovered traces of blood and a fingerprints on various items including a pair of kitchen scissors that was used to cut Brick’s ears and a prescription bottle of sedatives. Bruce Tyler was charged with a felony and received 366 days in jail on top of the jail time already served, 4 year’s probation, 40 hours community service, and is not allowed to own or live with an animal. Part of the plea agreement was that ownership of Brick had to be signed over to Valiant Animal Rescue & Relief.
We are very appreciative of the collaborative work that was done in partnership with law enforcement and county agencies, including Georgetown County Sheriff’s Department, Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Department and Williamsburg County Environmental Services, whose countless hours on this case and collaboration with us made this conviction possible.
Brick is doing well now and is no longer head shy. His ear infections and urinary tract infection have cleared up, the fishing line was removed and his ears are healed. We are now exposing Brick to lots of activities and will be working with a trainer to continue his long term plan.

Meet DOE, RAY, and ME, one of our newest cruelty cases. These three pit bull puppies had their ears entirely cut off. They are now in our custody receiving medical treatment. They are being treated for a bad infection, various parasites and their ears will likely require surgery due to the large amount of exposed cartilage. We will be providing ongoing updates on both the animal cruelty case and the recovery of these pups in the coming days, but are asking for your help NOW.
We have seen too many cases like these. The case of “Brick” this year exposed many people for the first time to this horrible and cruel practice of mutilating ears that is still being conducted in the dark shadows of our communities. We must put an end to this violence against animals, educate our fellow citizens that this outdated practice is still occurring in our neighborhoods, enforce the laws that are designed to protect our animals, and hold offenders fully accountable. We simply cannot tolerate this as a society. We must do this together, but YOU have to be part of the answer.
We are asking that YOU do three simple things on behalf of DOE, RAY and ME.
 #1: Share this post with 3 people to help us start our educational and awareness campaign against the cruel mutilation of ears. The more people that are informed, the louder our voice becomes.
 #2: Donate now $3, $33, or $333 which will be used for our campaign and our cruelty fund to help animals that have suffered from senseless brutality. It takes less than 5 minutes and is tax deductible. Do it on behalf of your pet, a friend or relative, or someone who has passed. 
Ways to Donate: or
Mail to PO BOX 13477, 
Charleston SC 29412