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The Week in Review

We'd like to remind everyone this week that Pet Helpers has a $20 spay/neuter promotion in their clinic. You can take advantage of this great offer as well! Call 843 795 1110. Spay and neuter programs are the key to ending the horrendous overcrowding in shelters!

Frances R. Willis SPCA is having HALF-PRICE ADOPTION FEES ON LARGE BREED DOGS! Yes - you read that right. They are busting at the cage doors and need more room. If you or someone you know are wanting a large breed dog - please go check them out! You will be saving two lives - plus your own! Dogs LOVE their new families!!

Purely Positive Dog Training is reminding us that it's that "back to school" time of the year! Here's their upcoming classes w/ start dates: Kinderpuppy 8/20, 8/23, 9/12, 9/26; Just the Basics 8/23, 9/26; Tricks 9/12, 9/25; Intro to Rally 9/14; Fun Nosework & Adv Nosework 9/14; Real Life 101 9/17; Growl Class 9/15; Best Friends' for Kids and Dogs 9/15; Sep Anxiety Workshop 9/8.

Hairy Winston Pet Boutique & Grocery has received a shipment of 100% grass fed free range Kangaroo bones! Great for dogs with typical food allergies.

A big welcome to ScoutandZoes to Charleston! Be sure and pick up your Scout & Zoe's chews at Charleston Dog House, Lucia's Premium Pet and Palmetto Paws. Welcome to the family ya'll!

Beginning September 10th, Veterinary Specialty Care will offer Saturday appointment hours for Internal Medicine referrals. Please call 843-793-2161 to schedule.

Back-to-School Special at Bark Avenue! Until the end of August all services are 10% off! This includes boarding, daycamp passes and grooming. Book now this won't last long. Dogs Drool and School Rules. 843.471.2275.

Want to win a FREE jar of treats for your pooch? Stop by Lucia's, place any size $ donation in the Animal Rescue & Relief donation box, and guess how many cookies are in the jar. If you guess the closest, you win the jar. It's that easy!

Are you heading to any of the Hootie and the Blowfish concerts this weekend at the Family Circle Stadium? If you are - be sure to purchase your drinks from the upper deck bar - Charleston Animal Society volunteers will be serving and 10% of the proceeds from the bar and ALL of the tips go to help the animals! Have Fun. Save Lives!

Dolittles is offering a BACK TO DROOL special. ALL Merrick treat items are 20% off while supplies last! Meaty treats and MORE-- 20% off until September 1st!

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