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#2 Stella
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Namaste Large Breed Rescue Adoptable Dogs

Namaste Large Breed Rescue is a non-profit dog rescue, based on Folly Beach, SC. Please contact them if you need to surrender a dog, are interested in fostering one of their dogs, or are interested in adopting one of the dogs. They are also on Facebook.

1. Robin

Our little mixed girl Robin has blossomed since we took her into the rescue. Robin is in a wonderful foster home, complete with a rambunchous boxer brother. Their foster mom says they run around the yard and play ALL DAY. We have discovered that Robin does not like baths or being crated when you're home. She definetly wants to be with her people, usually cuddled up at your feet. Robin is 99% housebroken...pretty good for a pup who's spent most of her life on a chain. Her skin is completely healed up and she looks much, much better. Robin gets along well with dogs, kids -- everyone :) Robin has gained a few pounds, but other than that, she's fully grown and will stay a medium sized dog. Little miss Robin is spayed, up to date on her shots, and ready for a new home! Can you open up your heart to this little one?

2. Stella

Over the last month, we have learned a lot more about our American Staffy, Stella. First off, Stella is younger than we first thought, she's only 2 and a half -- practically a baby! She gets along VERY well with her foster brother (a male pit mix) and loves rides in the car and trips to the dog park. Stella has adjusted really well to her foster home, but we still need to find her a permanent home! We have had lots of interest in Stella, but unfortunately the "bully breed" stigma lives on in the minds of many. Stella will make a perfect family dog, as well as a great choice for a single person or couple. If you have any questions about Stella or would like to set up a meet-and-greet, please email Cat at or comment on this post. Help us spread the word about Stella, she is amazing and deserves a home!


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