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Greyhound Pets of America-Charleston Adoptable Dogs

What better way to start off your weekend than to give a retired greyhound a loving home off the racetrack! If you are unable to adopt through Greyhound Pets of America-Charleston, fostering or sponsoring may be the right choice for you.

1. Bart

  • "Night Blackhawk" whose kennel name is Bart arrived in Charleston on April 24th. He is a 4 year old boy with a birthdate of April 2006. He is a calm boy with a outgoing personality. He is questionable around kitties. He gets along well with other dogs. We will update his information once he arrives in Charleston.

2. Boody

  • "Hallo Al Day Day", now called Boody by his foster family, arrived in Charleston on May 13th. He is a dark brindle boy who raced at 73lbs. He has a birthdate of February of 2008. He is kitty friendly and is quickly learning the house rules.

3. Hunter

  • Hunter is our 'honorary greyhound' . Our group got a call from a good samaritan that found him and they had no where to take him. So, one of our good volunteers took him and now he's safe and happy with us. He is very affectionate and likes to give hugs despite being found hungry and nearly hairless a couple of months ago. The good people at Animal Medical West have nursed him back to health. He seems to get along with other dogs of all size. He does need some training about living in home ... no paws on the table or countertop ... but he's just being curious.

4. Shirley Faye

  • Shirley Faye is a brindle girl whose former owner had to give her up as he was moving over seas. She just arrived in Charleston. She is 9 1/2 years old and she looks great! Her former owner definitely took great care for her ... teeth look good, eyes look good and her coat is nice and soft. She is friendly with other dogs and cats. She is quiet and prefers a quiet home and also prefers to sleep on the human bed! Shirley has been to the vet and unformately is heartworm positive. We will begin treatment the week of May 10th - but at least the vet said that it appears to be in the early stages.

5. Smooth Kahlua

  • "Smooth Kahula", known as Cocoa by her foster family, arrived in Charleston on April 24th. She is 4 1/2 years old with a birthdate of October 2005. She is a red girl with beautiful black eyeliner and markings who raced at 65 lbs. She is kitty friendly. She is getting along very well with her foster brother (a lab mix) and kitty siblings too. She also enjoys attention and love. She only has two "modes" - napping or snuggling! She has quickly learned the house rules and is enjoying retired life.

6. Taffy

  • "She Diddle" (now know as Taffy, arrived in Charleston on May 13th. She is a red girl who raced at 58lbs. She has a birthdate of March 2007. She is not kitty friendly but loves attention from people. She's very playful and confident. She is quickly learning the house rules and is enjoying retired life.


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