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#1 Sandy
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GGRLC Adoptable Dogs

Grateful Golden Retriever Rescue is a full service rescue committed to providing rescue and rehabilitation for unwanted, neglected, homeless and displaced Golden Retrievers in the South Carolina Charleston Low Country and Grand Strand areas, as well as Coastal Georgia areas. Listed below are only 10 of the many Goldens available through GGRLC. For information on fostering, adopting, volunteering or donation please visit their official website.

1. Sandy

  • Sandy is a sweet 2 1/2 year old girl who has come back to Grateful Goldens due to illnesses in the family that adopted her. Sandy is getting along great in her new foster home with two foster brothers and one sister. Sandy is in good health, and is enjoying all the attention she is getting. While she is waiting for her new furever home, she is working hard brushing up on her social skills.

2. Chase

  • Chase is a beautiful and happy 1 yr. old boy. He loves to play with his foster siblings and enjoys a good game of tug-a-war. He is heartworm negative, up to date on all of his shots and house broken. He would love a fenced yard and is looking for his new home


  • Tyson: We don’t know how he got his name, but this 1.5 yr. old is proving himself a lover, rather than a fighter! Found as a stray, he was taken to the local shelter where, surprisingly, no one came for him!! Tyson is enjoying his daily romps in the backyard with his two (four-legged) foster sisters, and is working on his house manners. He is neutered and up to date on shots. Unfortunately, Tyson is heartworm positive and will be starting his treatment soon.

4. Scooter

  • Scooter was evidence in a cruelty case, and had to wait in the shelter until his owner decided not to reclaim him. One look at his adorable little face will tell you he’s thrilled that GGR found him!!! He is having a blast being fostered on a farm with a donkey, horses, and all the other dogs. What could be more fun than running around the farm until you’re breathless, then rolling in a puddle of mud to cool off?? Boys will be boys, and Scooter is no exception!! Scooter is about 6 months old, up to date on his vaccines, neutered and on monthly prevention. This little guy is waiting for his forever family to scoop him up and take him home!

5. Katy

  • Katy was a lucky girl the day that Animal control scooped her up and brought her to the shelter. With all the scratches and bruises on her little body, it's pretty obvious to us that she had been used as a bait dog. No animal should have to suffer that, let alone a 7 - 9 month old pup! Well, now that she's on the mend, this little girl couldn't be happier or friendlier!! She is sharing a home with a foster brother, 2 foster sisters, and the cat. Play, Play, Play is the word of this girls' day!! And play she between naps, of course. We are working on her manners, but Katy is thankfully Heartworm negative, she has been spayed, and is looking for her furever home.

6. Trixie

  • Trixie was brought to the shelter when her owner became ill and could no longer care for her. Trixie came to us with an eye infection which she has recovered from and she is enjoying long walks, playing with her foster sister, and working on her house training. Trixie is about 1.5 years old, and sports a gorgeous strawberry blonde coat. She has been spayed, brought up to date on shots, tested negative for heartworm and she is on monthly prevention. Trixie is a very energetic girl who would love to have a companion to play with in a fenced-in yard.

7. Daisy M.

  • Daisy M is a very sweet 11 year old Golden mix that came into our rescue since her family could no longer care for her. They cared so much about her that they contacted us to see if we could help since they didn't want to take this lovely girl to the shelter. We said yes and Daisy M has been a true lady with her 2 foster Goldie brothers and her 1 foster Goldie sister. She is a low maintenance girl who just loves to cuddle and give kisses and smile at you when she is getting attention. She has been treated for ear infections as well as a skin infection and coming along very nicely. She will be going to for her vaccines, microchip and a spay soon so she won't have to worry about going into heat anymore! Looking for a great companion? Daisy M is your girl!

8. Willow

  • Say hello to Willow, aka Pumpkin! Her foster mom calls her "Pumpkin" because she's the color of pumpkin pie, and has the tiniest dollop of whipped cream on the very tip of her tail. This 2 - 3 yr. old sweetie hasn't stopped smiling and wagging her tail since we sprung her from the shelter. She is HW negative and is spayed. Her coat is a little rough because she was matted to the skin in spots and had to be shaved. Other than gaining a few pounds, her bags are packed!! Update: Willow has gained some weight and her coat is now smooth and silky! She is patiently waiting on her forever home where she would love to be the only dog to get all the attention she can get!!!

9. Spud

  • Spud: It is hard to believe that a handsome one year old little fellow like myself was ever left on the side of the road. Since I was found and taken in I've been gaining weight and my coat is as soft as silk. I'm a playful little puppy that loves adults, kids and other dogs. When I put my head in your lap and look at you with my big brown eyes I know that you will fall in love with me.

10. Bo

  • Bo is a 6 year boy who was saved by a dedicated group of volunteers who saw his potential as a wonderful companion and contacted us for help. He is a very well-behaved, sweet boy with excellent house manners who enjoys being with his people, and loves an occasional tennis ball or chew bone. He is up to date on his shots, neutered and heartworm negative. His bags are packed, just waiting on the right family to love!!
If you are interested in possibly adopting one of these wonderful Goldens, GGRLC require a completed adoption application to start the process.

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