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Foster Fridays: Copper

Hey there! I'm Copper and I'm a neutered male Pitt mix (we think). I am about 5 years old and have been in foster car for almost a YEAR. I am crate trained but my foster mom is unsure about how I would act being left alone in a house (I currently live at the Sangaree Animal Hospital). But I'm really good at being told to sit!

I am great with other dogs but I'm not sure about children (I'm sure they're be fun though). I LOVE cats a little too much, and think it’s a game when they run! I can be a little clingy. I like to follow you around the house, but am very sweet and loving.

My foster mom thinks I would do best in an active household, one that enjoys being outside and playing; preferably a home with no cats, and perhaps a playmate. She loves watching me play with other dogs; my eyes light up when he sees a potential new friend. I also loves people, and am always ready to greet you, tail wagging and tongue hanging out!

Do you think you could be my forever family? For more information about me please click here!

Here is what my foster mom has to say about me:

Copper was a stray and a Good Samaritan rescued him. He was heartworm positive and emaciated, however nothing slowed him down. Copper has been loving since his first visit. Copper is currently residing at Sangaree Animal Hospital. Over the years, we occasionally find homes for cats and dogs that need it. We also currently have a “special needs” cat looking for a home! Our innate love of animals keeps us helping those who need it most. For more information about Copper, please visit our Facebook page.

submitted by Kate Schick

Want to give your foster pup exposure for adoption? Send us up to 3 photos, and a short {500 words or less} write up about your adoptable foster dog OR fill out the Foster Fridays Questionnaire posted on the website. Email the info to using the subject line: Foster Fridays.

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