Click the image above to start a slideshow of photos of the pups!
Boo, Cali & Miki
Click the image above to start a slideshow of photos of the pups!
Click the image above to start a slideshow of photos of the pups!

Foster Fridays: Boo, Cali, Miki

Hello! We are 3 adorable little Beagle mix puppies from Pet Helpers! We have been fostered by Brian Foster and Laura Olsen for the last 2 weeks and our now ready to be adopted!

Our names our Boo (the white one), Cali (the brown one) and Miki (the black/tan one). We are 8 weeks old, have been spayed, micro-chipped and are current with our shots! We are healthy little pups that are not going to be very big. Our mom only weighs 37 lbs. We are practically housebroken, which my foster parents say is incredible at our age. Beagles make great family dogs and our great with kids and other animals. Our adoption fee is $125.

My name is Boo. But I'm not scary like a ghost. I won't haunt you, I just want to be your best friend and follow you around. Snuggling is what I do best... I'm warm not cold. Do you want to take me home? It's no trick... I'm a treat!

Don't forget about ME!!! Yeah, me! Down here! I'm Cali. What I lack in height I make up for in personality! I'm a little powerhouse of FUN! I promise a zig-zagging, rolling, romping good time. Now don't get me wrong, I like to snuggle with the best of them, but fun is first in my book. Do you like to roll and romp and play? I'm your girl! Let's roadtrip, like to Cali... I'm the perfect size for that!

Hey! I'm Miki. I'm so fine I'll blow your mind! Or at least that's what my foster mommy & daddy tell me. But I'd rather not blow your mind I'd just like to hang out. I'm not shy, I'm quiet. I sleep a lot and like to munch on sticks in the yard. Wanna hang out with me? Just remember, I'm sensitive. You take me by the heart when you take me by the hand.... err,uh... paw.

Here is what our foster dad has to say about us:

Boo is the lover of the group, she loves to be with her humans and cuddle, she is also the biggest. Cali, the runt, is the most playful and is content to play in the yard by herself for hours, she has short little legs and loves to run! Miki is the shy one. She has beautiful markings and resembles a beagle the most. She loves to cuddle as well and enjoys finding a quiet place to relax and observe.

Our Foster daddy will have us at the PETCO in West Ashley on Savannah Hwy this Sunday from 12-4pm! Please come by and see us and we guarantee you will fall in love.

For more information about these three puppies, please contact Brian Foster @ 843-297-7182 or

submitted by Brian Foster and Laura Olsen.

Want to give your foster pup exposure for adoption? Send us up to 3 photos, and a short {500 words or less} write up about your adoptable foster dog OR fill out the Foster Fridays Questionnaire posted on the website. Email the info to using the subject line: Foster Fridays.

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