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Photo by flickr user: lukje
Click on the photo to begin the slideshow of adoptable dogs
Click on the photo to begin the slideshow of adoptable dogs

Daisy's Place Adoptable Dogs

It's Adoptable Dog Friday and we are featuring Daisy's Place Retriever Rescue! Daisy's Place is an all volunteer non-profit organization and all of our dogs are in private foster homes. This Saturday Daisy's Place and Low Country Golden Retriever Rescue will be at the Square Onion Too for a Holiday Meet & Greet at the Melissa Gray Design Trunk Show. Your canine companion may be in the bunch! Here's a sneak preview of the dogs in need of forever homes. Please consider adopting, foster, or sponsoring a dog in need.

1. Drake

  • Hi there - I'm Drake! As you can see from my photo, I've got rakish good looks - and I'm charming as can be. Don't you just love how my one ear folds over? Oh, and the discoloring on the side of my face is my unique birthmark, I have pale brown fur on one side of my face giving me a really unique look! I'm what you might call a 'man about town', the nice people at the shelter in Florence found me on the streets and took me in. Well, of course, I won them over with my adorable personality - they loved me so much that they paid for my heartworm treatment and neuter! Then the ladies from Daisy's Place came and picked me and Delta up and here I am in Charleston waiting to meet my forever family. I'm feeling great after my heartworm treatment and I'm loving life with my foster family! I have two fur foster siblings and we have so much fun running and playing. My foster mom says I'm the BEST walking companion she's ever had - I stay right by her side and never pull on my leash. I'm very well behaved in the house - basically I'm perfect, if I do say so myself! I went to an event a couple of weeks ago and had so much fun hanging out with new people - I've never met a stranger, I just love everyone. If you're looking for a BFF (Best Fur Friend!) who can go everywhere with you, or be happy snuggling at home, I'm the guy for you!

2. Gracie

  • Hi, my name is Gracie! I’m a 7 year yellow Labby mix and such an affectionate girl – I love to be with my people! Before I became a Daisy Dog my dad died and then my mom got sick and couldn’t take care of me so I ended up at the shelter. It was really scary and I missed my family so much, but now I'm so happy in my foster home with my dog and cat sisters! I'm very well mannered, never chewing on anything and I have never had an accident in the house. I’m learning how to walk on a leash - I like to get where I'm going quickly and am not used to being on a leash! I started going to the dog park and have had a blast! I do great with the other dogs, especially the little ones, even when they get sassy! I’m very motherly and always making sure everyone is okay and behaving themselves. Yesterday at the dog park I heard a little girl crying so I went over to let her know it would be okay. I really would love to be in a forever home that will cherish me as much as I cherish them!

3. Lily

  • Hi - I'm Lily! I'm a beautiful Golden mix about 10 years young! I was dumped at the kill shelter and was so scared, then this really nice lady came and picked me up and said I was going to be a Daisy Dog. I wasn't sure what that meant, but I knew that I was going some place good the minute I got out of that scary shelter! I rode in a car with Hero - another Golden Oldie - and then we arrived in Charleston! I've got great energy and I love to play ball and I'm a champion snuggler. I really like to be with my people, but I'm not one of those clingy needy 'velcro' dogs. I can entertain myself and am content to curl up close by while you're watching TV or on the computer. If you want a cuddle buddy, I'm happy to oblige! Right now I'm in boarding 'cuz there aren't any foster homes for me that don't have other dogs. You see, I really never learned how to play with other dogs in my previous life. I can go for walks and do all kinds of great stuff, but I really can't go to the dog park or be left alone all day with another dog. I'd really like to be an only child! If you want a BFF (best fur friend) to hang out with who will love you forever - please ask the nice people at Daisy's Place if you can meet me ... I'm waiting patiently for my new forever home, but I'm getting lonely!

4. Molly

  • I’m Molly! I’m very friendly and loving and I get along great with kids, adults, and dogs of all sizes – I’m not sure about cats because I’ve never met any, but I’m so sweet they probably won’t bother me at all. I really like going for walks and I’m very good on a leash. I love playing with other dogs and toys and most especially, I love bones! What more can I tell you – I’m about as sweet as they come, I’m well behaved and very good in the house, oh, and I love to give kisses!! If you’re looking for a great companion who will keep you company and be your BFF (best fur friend!), I’m the girl for you!

5. Red Boy

  • Hi - I'm Red Boy! How cute am I?? I don't really have a permanent name - I'm waiting for new forever family to name me! I was a stray and a nice lady took me and made sure that I was healthy ...I've been neutered and am up to date on all my vaccines, and I'm heartworm negative! I'm about a year old and very playful, but well behaved! I'm a really good companion, if you might have room in your heart and home for me, please contact:

6. Rosey

  • Hi! I’m Rosey, and I’m cute as can be! I was at a scary place called the shelter with my brother and sister and when the nice ladies from Daisy’s Place went to pick up Delta and Drake they just couldn’t leave us behind! So now I’m a Rosebud (honorary Daisy Dog under the age of 6). I’m a black Lab mix and I have the cutest little black and white polka dot paws! I love playing with the big dogs and swimming in the pool and I’m really smart. I’m (mostly) housebroken, sometimes I get excited running around foster mommy’s house and forget to run outside – oops! I’m also crate trained and sleep through the night. I love to snuggle, too. I start obedience classes in July and if you adopt me you can take me to class for free! If you’re looking for a new BFF (best fur friend!) to share summer fun, I’m the girl for you! Please fill out an adoption application so I can meet you soon!

7. Sadie

  • Hi there, I’m Sadie! I was dumped at the shelter and I was so scared, I couldn’t figure out how I got there or why. Then I heard some whispering about something called “Daisy’s Place”, the other dogs said it was for very special old souls and that the people took really good care of you until you could find your forever family. Well, I’ve got a little white on my muzzle which could easily pass for gray, so I did my best to look very old and sad … and it worked! The people at the shelter thought I was an older dog and I got ‘in’! But now the jig is up – I went to the vet and he discovered my secret, I’m really a young girl, between 2 and 3 years old. Oh, and … well, I’m not a Retriever, I’m a petite little hound mix, but I’m sweet as can be and so very well behaved! The nice people at Daisy’s Place said I can be a ‘Rosebud’, which is an honorary Daisy Dog. I’m so happy! Now I live with my foster mom and her daughter and their two BFFs (best fur friends) Honey and Teddy – life is wonderful! I love to play with Honey and Teddy and even though I’m a little shy I’m beginning to blossom and even ventured up on foster mom’s bed the other night. I have something called heartworms, but I’m going to start treatment next week (2nd week of November), so I should be good as new before the end of the year! If you’re looking for a really sweet and loving girl, please come and meet me – I’d love to find my forever home for the holidays!

8. Sweet Pea/Ausset

  • Hi my name is Sweet Pea! My proper name is Ausset. You know us southern bells, we all have nick names. I’m 2 years old and looking to adopt a wonderful Human Being. I showed up last year in Greensboro with both left legs broken. My first foster family nursed me backed to health. Unfortunately, they already had 9 dogs on their farm and I just kept getting lost in the shuffle. When you meet me you’ll see that I’m a very loving girl who yearns for that canine-human bond. I’m house broken, leash trained, I know the commands for sit, lay down and stay and I have a clean bill of health! No heartworms and I’ve already been spayed. At my current foster home they have these cute little fuzzy things - I think they call them cats. They are way cool! On Mothers Day they took me to a pond and Wallie (my foster brother) went swimming. I’m not so sure about that so I just waded in the water. I’m super sweet, very obedient and can’t wait to meet you!

9. Star

  • Hi, I’m Star! My family put me in the car one day and I thought we were going someplace fun, but then they walked me into building full of crying dogs and they left me. I was sure they were coming back for me, I’m such a good girl and I didn’t belong in that place. But I waited and waited and they never came back. Luckily, a really nice lady came one day and she told me that I was going to be a daisy dog – I hopped in her car and never looked back, I was so happy to be out of the scary place! Now I’m living with my foster dad and his Lab and I’m loving life again. I love to play with toys and other dogs and I’m an excellent retriever. I have the energy of a much younger girl and I have perfect house manners. I’m healthy and happy and I’d really like to find a forever family who will love me. If you’re looking for a great Labby girl, who’s sweet and fun loving, please consider taking me home – I promise to love you and bring you joy every day!
Daisy's Place Retriever Rescue is dedicated to saving and finding loving homes for Retrievers (and Retriever mixes) six years and older.

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