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Click on the photo to begin a slideshow of adoptable dogs

Carolina Coonhound Rescue Adoptable Dogs

It's Adoptable Dog Friday and this week we are featuring the dogs of Carolina Coonhound Rescue. Founded in June of this year, there are many ways to get involved with this rescue! They are in need of foster homes, forever homes, as well as donations in support of their efforts. Help us get the word out about the great dogs that are ready to be adopted!

1. Ali & Gator

  • Ali and Gator are young hound mix pups that came to us from a shelter in GA. They were picked up as strays and never claimed. They love each other and even eat out of the same bowl even when given seperate ones. They havent had any accidents in the kennel and are doing pretty well with potty training. They have only had a few accidents when they weren't let out as soon as they came out of the kennel. They are around 10-12 weeks and while we would like to see them get adopted together we know it may not happen so we would love for them to be able to go to families that are related or close friends because they are truely attatched...where one goes the other follows! They are quiet in the kennel together and dont whine or bark too much. They both will be big, especially the male who may even end up well over 50-60lbs!

2. Baylee

  • Baylee is a 6 month old full blooded UKC registered black and tan coonhound! She is a tough girl! She came to rescue because her previous owners could no longer care for her and she needed an expensive surgery for Bilateral Inguinal Hernias. The day we picked her up she was emaciated and every bone in her body was visable! She was also dehydrated because she didnt have any water! Baylee only wieghed about 20-25 lbs when we picked her up at 6 months! Baylee now weighs 34lbs and still needs to gain some weight but we are working on that! She does have some food aggression issues that only seem to occur when she is eating out of a bowl and only with humans so there is no telling what she has been through as a pup! I do recommend that she goes to a home where there are no small children or where she can be confined while eating to avoid any problems but this is the ONLY aggression that I have seen out of her! She loves to cuddle and would love to be a bed buddy but also does well sleeping on her own bed at night. Potty training is still a bit of an issue because she hasnt learned how to really ask to go out yet, but again she was raised outside and will need some work before she is 100% housebroken. She recently had surgery for the hernias and to be spayed. The vet who performed the surgery said that her hernias were the worst he's ever seen in 30 years of practice! They were pretty big but she is now on the road to recovery and happy to be ready for a new forever home! If you are interested in Baylee please contact us and we will set up a meeting!

3. Boonie

  • Boonie is a 8 month old bluetick coonhound. He was turned in by his owners who did not have the time to give him the excercise he needed. He is a good boy and is currently in a foster home with 2 female labs. He loves to go to the dogs park and meet new friends. He is mostly housebroken and knows his commands like sit and lay. He is a beautiful boy and really sweet! Boone (as well call him) rides well in the car and does not beg for food! If you are interested in meeting Boonie please let us know.

4. Brody

  • Brody is about 2 years old and was picked up as a stray in Griffin GA. Spalding County Georgia has confinement laws that the previous owners could not follow and Brody had been picked up more than once by animal control. The owners decided to leave him this time and we picked him up August 6th 2010, 4 hours before he was supposed to be euthanized. His owners gave up on him but he will never have to worry about being forgotten and on the verge of death again. He is a great boy! He was covered in fleas but we gave him a flea bath and his coat shines now! He is a big boy at 80-90lbs (we are guessing). He is good on a leash and in a crate and there is no aggression. He is more on the lazy side and rides so well in a car and also does not beg for food!

5. Buck

6. Charlie

  • Charlie is a male walker hound that came to us as a stray. He is in a foster home and is doing well. He is around a year and a half, maybe 2 years old. Still working on learning not to get on furniture but is very good in a crate and has no aggression issues that we have seen so far. He rides well in the car and likes to go to the dog park. He has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated. We dont know much about his past but that doesn't matter! He's not worried about it so we aren't either.

7. Diesel

  • Diesel is in need of a home that is willing to give him daily excercise! He was put in a home as a puppy and raised as an outside dog. He wasn't given much training and needs a family that has previous dog ownership skills who will work with him on basic commands and maybe even do some training classes with him! Diesel is already neutered and will be given his yearly shots soon, as well as microchipped so he will be ready to go! I am willing to do a foster to adopt so you can see how he works out in your home! He is happy to be outside but I will not let him go to a home where he is thrown out in the yard and ignored! He would make a great running or walking partner and would be great with someone who lives in the country. He has been around horses and goats and doesnt seem to pay them any attention so he would most likely do very well on a farm, but he is a hound so he would need some training to make sure he can be called back or in a big fenced yard! He came into rescue because the owners were having problems with him barking all night, but since he has been in rescue it has stopped! Please consider Diesel as a foster or adoption! He has been with us for 6 long months and he needs a family!

8. Jake

  • Jake was found in West Ashley and is probably a rejected hunting dog. He is an older boy and was covered in fleas and ticks and full of worms when he came to us. He is currently being fostered by the family that found him. We don’t know a lot about him but we will have more info soon!

9. Kyanne

  • Kyanne was also picked up as a stray and may have been a lost coon dog but no one ever came to save her. She was suppoesed to be euthanized August 5 2010, but we called the shelter and begged them to hold her one more day so we could drive to GA and save her life and are so glad we did! She can be a bit loud at times and she will need some training which we are also working on (she barks for a very short time in the kennel and then lays right down and goes to sleep). She doesnt know how to sit or lay yet but we will be working with her to learn how. She gets along well with both male and female dogs and there is NO food aggression that we have noticed so far! She loves to play with the puppies too, and is not too rough so we think she will be fine with smaller dogs. We do not recommend her for a house with cats, but we havent tested her yet either. Other small pets are not recommended around her either, unless they can be kept away from her. She is very sweet and very deserving of a loving home! Kyanne does have some weight to gain but she will do that with regular meals. She is VERY entergetic so will need to go to a home that is entergetic as well. Update: Kyanne was spayed and microchipped today (9.20.10)! She also received her rabies shot and is ready to find her forever family! She is such a sweet girl! She loves to go to the dog park and plays so well with other dogs! We are working on commands with her and she’s doing pretty well!

10. Maple

  • Maple is a sweet Redbone Coonhound girl. She is only 6 months so we are working on housebreaking and learning some manners. She is good at the dog park! We are working on crate training but she is pretty good with it already. She only whines for a few minutes and then she calms right down. Update: Maple is currently in training and doing fairly well. She is very energetic and would do best in a home that is very active. She would make a GREAT running partner. She is an attention hog and loves to be rubbed and petted! She really is a sweet girl but because of her energy level, she would do best in a home with older kids (10 years +). She may be too overbearing for younger children. She is good with other dogs, but may not be good with cats.

11. Masey

  • Masey was surrendered to the Charleston Animal Society because her family was expecting a baby. She is a good girl who gets along well with other dogs. She is an older girl at 10 years but she is still entergetic and has plenty of years left in her! She has only been with us for a few days so more will come with time!

12. Owen

  • Owen was picked up off the side of the road. He was a stray that was probably a hunting dog at one point. He is a GREAT boy! He gets along well with both male and female dogs and is heartworm negative. Owen is crate trained and knows about cats and what they can do (he's been swipped a time or two so he knows to avoid them). He will be neutered, microchipped, and up to date on shots. Good in a car and quiet! No aggression issues (that we have seen so far and arent expecting any). He will be neutered tomorrow (July 8 2010) and as an "in tact" male he plays well with other neutered males and spayed females. We expect him to continue this. He is very friendly and doesnt know he is a big dog and not a lap dog! He wants to be a couch buddy! His current foster will be working on his training such as basic commands and who knows...maybe even a trick or two! if you are interested in adopting Owen please contact us! He will make a great addition to an active family with a fenced yard or lots of land! Update: Owen is a SUPER sweet boy but we have found out that he may do best in a home with another female dog or no other dogs. He is currently working on learning manners and will require a dedicated family to enforce his behavior. He is VERY energetic so will do best with a family that is active and can keep up with him! He would love to be a running partner!

13. Ruby

  • Ruby’s past is unknown to us but we do know that she was adopted from the Charleston Animal Society and returned. She was in danger of being euthanized when we pulled her and placed her in a foster home. She is a very sweet girl that has shown no signs of aggression at all! She is quiet for a coon girl too! She is an English Coonhound (redtick) that is around 5-6 years old. She will require a home with a 6ft privacy fence! She can clear a 4 foot fence! She is currently in an amazing foster home in Santee waiting for her forever family! If you are interested in Ruby please contact us!

14. Tippy

  • Tippy was picked up on the side of the road and her feet were so raw from "running" that she could barely walk! She was grateful to be picked up and find out she was going to be an inside dog! Her feet are still pretty sore but she's only been with us for a couple of days as well! She is a young girl, no older than 2 years and so pretty! More info will come with time!
This rescue began out of love for all scent hounds, a passion for educating people about them, and a desire to see these wonderful dogs placed in loving homes.

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