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#1 Soul
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Animal Shelter of Clarendon County Adoptable Dogs

Happy Adoptable Dog Friday. There are many adoptathons in the Lowcountry this weekend (check out our event calendar) but we thought you might like to check out the dogs of Clarendon County. Their mission is to shelter and protect the unwanted and abandoned animals of Clarendon County; to facilitate the adoption of those animals; to promote population control through a spay and neuter programs and to educate the community about the care of animals.

If you'd like to meet one of these 10 dogs, or see what other animals they have available, please visit their shelter or website. For more information on donating, fostering or adopting please click here.

1. Soul

2. Java

  • Well I'm kind of hyper. They say I have too much energy and not enough space. I love to give kisses and jump up into your lap and play. So please come by and let's go outside to the play pen and spend a few minutes together. I promise your gonna have fun!

3. Dallas

  • I am not a snoot, I am not a snoot, I am not a snoot. I just wanted to get a better look at that contraption they were using to take my picture. You will want to take me home to be a part of your family once you meet me. I am a sweet lovable little guy that needs a kind word and a few basic training sessions to be the bestest pet in the world.

4. Tiger Lily

  • This beauty is wonderful with the family and all the other pets in the family. Someone forgot to tell me I'm an adult 'cause I like to play and I just loved to grab my toys. I walk on a leash and enjoy being around everyone. Drop everything and make a date to see me! Word has it that I make some strange noises with my bowl - I kinda, sorta like to push it around and on the concrete it makes a loud clanging noise. I think it's fun but not sure what my other friends here think. Ya gotta see and here it.

5. Bebe

  • I am ready as ever to come home - with YOU! I've been here for much too long and am looking to find a nice warm family to spend my time with. I'm treated very well by these people but I'd love to be treated with some special TLC, some one on one. I am sweet and soft and cuddly and like to relax and lie around; I'll be waiting for patiently at the door if you need to leave me at home. But, I'm not 'an old lady' 'cause sometimes I do get the urge to get up and go wild. I need a little bit more practice on a leash, but otherwise I am a great dog. Stop in to see me, but remember, have your eyes ready for only me!!

6. Glory

  • Glory hallelujah! Did you catch my name? I am very good with kids and dogs, not so good with those other things, called cats! I love to swim so I hope my new family is near the water or has a nice pool for me to jump into. If no water is nearby then long walks will do just fine or sitting near your feet snoozing away would be just fine, too. Come see me, ya'll!

7. Luca

  • DOB: December of 2010

8. Benji

  • I have been at the shelter now for a very long time and I'm ready to go home - with YOU! My sister and I were found at an industrial park and brought here to the shelter when we were just babies and that's been about 3 years ago. I am a very loving guy. Strong willed and smart, I have tons of personality. And since I am energetic and playful and an astonishingly fast learner I can't understand why no one has taken a liking to me - is it always about looks? With a strong and fair human leader and positive reinforcement, I can be the best loyal companion you are looking for. I'm no old man and still have the agility for a weekend sport or hobby.

9. Kristina

  • I was saved from animal control by these nice people. I'm so Blessed. They felt like I could be given a second chance and I'm not going to let them down! I love to swim! My only down fall is I don't like small children, kitty cats, and other doggies. Some scare me and others I scare. Other than that if you pick me to go home with you then I will be on my best behavior. Pinky Promise! wait..Oh My Gosh! I dont have a pinky!

10. Kristy

  • I am a hound and not big at all so dont worry about me taking up all your space.  I need someone who wants a dedicated and loving companion.  I will be by your side when you need me to walk and be at your feet when you need to rest. I have alot of spunk still left, I am still young ya' know. Check me out soon!
Open to the public: Tuesday through Saturday; 9am to 3pm


by Sprinkler Buff (not verified) | Thursday, September 15th, 2011 at 3:55pm

Haha Dallas sounds a lot like my little Annabelle! My wife and I want to adopt another puppy so bad but we just have to wait a little bit longer! I will be checking back! I think you guys are awesome!

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