Brian Foster


Brian Foster

Written by JR Johnson Wolf, 
Trainer at Charleston Dog Wizard

As a professional I feel the “the new dog owner” should educate themselves and really commit “to doing it right from the start”.

I believe they should start with asking a lot of questions to a lot of different people with a lot different animal backgrounds and methods.  People should highly educate themselves on what their pup needs for success and define what success means for their family.  Some pups require obedience to correct behaviors and inevitably make their life full and enriched.  Some pups require rehabilitation to correct anxious impulses or unwanted behaviors.

***It should be stated that some pups have “a lot to work on” and will require both obedience and rehabilitation. 

Know how to tell which of these focuses your pup needs in order to achieve success. If a family overlooks this question for their new pup, they run the risk of a life of turmoil and frustration… 

Be proactive and you can set your pack up for a life of bliss and stress free dog-life.  It should be stated that in most cases, a dog that requires rehabilitation later in life often was never taught obedience or structure as a puppy.  This lack of early structure often leads to a plethora of bad habits and impulse driven misbehaviors, which if left unchecked can becomes matter that requires extensive rehabilitation.

The new puppy that growls and or nips their owner openly for taking away items (food/toys/chewed shoe…) is a good example.

If this pup is not taught “Structure and Obedience” those behaviors will become more confident and “aggressive” overtime, leading to some undesirably intense moments, moments that will then require rehabilitation.

  • Ask your family what you expect from their relationship with your new pup.  
  • Get on the same page for consistency sake.
  • Identify and talk about what your pup truly needs to work on to achieve success.  
  • Follow through.
  • Do this as early as possible in your pups life to ensure your pup grows to be the temperament you desire. 
  • Early proactivity is the best way to encourage and mold your dog for the enriched and full life you desire for them! 
  • Go win at loving some pups!