What I Learned As A Trainer

Most people can do the basics with their dog if they do it properly. However, most of my clients are people who have had dogs all their lives and think they know what to do. Honestly, before I became a professional trainer I thought the same because I thought I had good dogs – until I remembered Duffer.

He was my mother’s Cocker Spaniel and known to bite and run off. He definitely had an attitude. By the American Kennel Club standards he was a pet in the classified Sporting Group. He was supposed to be gentle, merry, intelligent and a good family dog that could be used for water or land sports. Even now the breed is classified as one of the most popular purebred breeds. What was wrong with Duffer?

Putting aside the fact it could have been genetics, not being with his mother long enough, or a couple of other things, I would guess his diet, exercise and training protocol were severely lacking in providing his needs. He was fed the cheap dog food. Exercise consisted of the fenced back yard and training didn’t exist.

If I could take my knowledge and turn back the clock I would have put him on a premium or homemade dog food. Exercise would have been a combination of walking and training as both the mind and body would have benefited. Perhaps Duffer then would have been a dog mom would have kept in the home.

By doing some of these things with other dogs in the household, their good lives would have been much better, weights healthier and lives longer. Since the majority of dogs I have seen have preventable issues, I believe every dog owner needs to know the basics regarding food, health and training. Therefore in my first meeting I educate owners on these basics and what to expect.  Time spent with a knowledgeable trainer can be invaluable in saving time, money and having a lifelong dog friend. Training should begin soon after birth and continue. Aren’t you always learning? 

Jill Lundgrin

Coastal Canine Academy LLC

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