Carolina Coonhound Rescue

Carolina Coonhound Rescue
Living in the Lowcountry is synonymous with certain things - sweet tea, pluff mud and hound dogs! 

This month, I spoke with Kelly Postell, founder of Carolina Coonhound Rescue (CCR) and found out why we should be proud to be associated with such a wonderful breed of dog. 

Kelly started CCR in June of 2010 after finding a very sick black and tan Coonhound puppy on Craigslist and deciding she needed to help.  This comes as no surprise, considering she has been a rescuer from way back.  “I was always the ‘animal girl’ and always finding strays and placing them in new homes...or keeping them; my parents had four dogs at one point because I kept bringing home puppies!”  She said that every time she found a dog she thought about starting a rescue and when she found that skinny, dehydrated pup in need of medical attention on Craigslist, CCR was born.  “I had no idea what I was doing and very limited experience working with rescues but luckily I found some amazing people to help along the way…”  After almost six years of rescuing, Kelly’s mission of saving animals in need continues with the amazing volunteers and foster families who have offered her their help and their homes. 

For all of you out there thinking about adopting a hound, I asked Kelly to tell me a bit about their unique qualities.  It was hard for her to pick her favorite thing about this breed.  “Everything!  Their unique bay, their goofiness, their super awesome long ears…”  She also told me a fun fact about those ears.  “The ears are actually useful when hunting...the purpose [of the ears] is to help push the scents they follow into their nose.”  Kelly also told me about some common breed misconceptions.  One thing is that their goofiness should not be confused with stupidity.  “These dogs are stubborn...but never stupid!”  It is also believed that hounds are “only” hunting dogs and shouldn’t be considered as a family pet.  “The one thing no one considers is that almost every single breed of dog was bred to hunt or work...even tiny Yorkies!”  Hounds make wonderful family pets and most just want to lay on a comfy couch and nap.  Kelly said that some may have a higher drive to use their instincts to hunt, and she recommends interactive toys and classes to keep them stimulated.  “They are generally great with other dogs, kids and lots of times, even cats!  Not all do well in apartments, but we do have some that have been adopted or fostered to families in apartments and they do fine.”   

The adoption process is very thorough.  CCR wants to make sure that when a dog is placed with a family, it is FUR-ever!  You must be 21 years of age to adopt and first fill out an adoption questionnaire and contract.  If you have other pets, CCR performs a vet reference check to be certain all of your animals are up to date on their vaccinations.  There is a $250 adoption fee and this covers the cost of each animal being fully vetted which includes spay/neuter, vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper & Bordetella) and a microchip.  CCR will consider making out-of-state adoptions but the adopters will be responsible for any transport costs.  

CCR does not have an actual facility where they house their animals so they rely 100% on foster families.  Kelly said that right now, this is their greatest need.  “This year has been especially bad as far as dogs in need...For every foster family that we have, we can place a dog.  We don’t have a shelter so foster families are vital to our ability to say yes or no [to taking in a dog] and when we have to say no, hounds die.”  By being a foster to one of these dogs, you are literally saving lives!  CCR covers all costs, provides supplies such as food and crates and makes sure each animal is fully vetted before being placed with the foster family.  To find out more about fostering, please visit and fill out a Foster Application.   

Another way to help is by donating your spare cash.  Kelly said that so far this year they have treated over 20 dogs for heartworms.  Each treatment costs $500+ and it adds up.  No donation is too small (or too large) because it all adds up to helping save lives, treat illnesses and providing food, love and shelter for all of CCR’s amazing animals.  Please visit and donate today.  (You can do it now, the rest of the article will be here when you get back.)  CCR also participates in Amazon Smile and, so you can help just by doing things you already do!  

Carolina Coonhound Rescue has a philosophy that every dog they meet is deserving of a bright future.  Kelly says, “Every dog is important to us and has a story.  We may not always know their backstory, but they don’t care about the past, what matters is the future.”  I usually ask each rescue if they have a favorite adoption story and Kelly couldn’t pick just one. “I could tell you so many stories but we would need a book, not an article!!  It’s amazing to see them come out of their shells, gain weight, get healthy, and just learn what it’s like to be a dog…It’s so rewarding.”  And by looking at all the Happy Hounds that CCR has placed in loving family homes, it’s clear what a huge impact this rescue has on so many lives.  ( 

To find out more about this amazing organization, you can visit their website: or check them out on Facebook.