Doggie Heaven

About Us:

Doggie Heaven is a very unique concept in pet-care in the Charleston area. It is one of very few CAGELESS Day Care and boarding facilities available. Tracy Fetterhoff, the owner of Doggie Heaven, has worked in the pet care business for some time now and has been a multiple dog owner for the past 18 years. All of her employees have a long history of pet-care experience and the facility is staffed 24 hours a day with these competent employees. Everyone here at Doggie Heaven loves animals and has your dog’s best interest at heart. This unique concept, combined with a loving home atmosphere, creates a combination that can’t be beat to keep your dog happy!

Just as with our Doggie Day Care, dogs are grouped with other dogs similar to them in temperament and energy level. If your dog is very rambunctious he/she will be with other rambunctious dogs. If your dog is shy and timid, it will be with other dogs that won’t try to force themselves on him/her.

There is 24-hour supervision and the dogs get lots of TLC once the day care dogs go home. We limit the number of dogs we will board at one time to ensure that each dog gets the love and attention it needs from humans as well as the other dogs.

You will never pick up a depressed dog from Doggie Heaven. In fact, the next time you bring him/her, they will be pulling you to the door.

Services: Cage-less doggie daycare and boarding

Phone number: 
(843) 856-7384
24 hours a day
205 Scott Street
Mt. Pleasant 29464
United States
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